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Humanistic Psychotherapy Centre

Humanistic Psychotherapy Centre was founded in march 2014 by Marcin Szczygieł – a psychotherapist and a supervisor that has 20 years of experience in the domain of psychotherapy.

In our Centre the psychotherapeutic work is based on the system of values that are described in the postulates of humanistic and existential psychotherapy.

Primarily, we acknowledge the subjectivity of our clients and respect their individuality and autonomy. We believe that each person is free and responsible for one’s choices and knows best what is good for him/her.

We also believe that each person desires to be happy and has a potential, thanks to which he/she is able to create one’s life in a way that would be satisfying for him/her.

In the work we focus on the other person with care and help the individual to deal with psychological problems.


Psychotherapy is a form of psychological help (provided by a psychotherapist) that refers to the psychotherapeutic aims of a particular client. Psychotherapy is an authentic dialog between the client and the psychotherapist. In its center there is always the client and things that are important for him/her.

Psychotherapy helps the person to become more conscious of oneself and thanks to this it provides help in searching for and creating such a way of living and having contact with oneself, other people and the world that would be best for this particular individual.

Psychotherapy can last from a few months (short-term psychotherapy) to several years (long-term psychotherapy), depending on the problem and discussed aims of the psychotherapy.

In English we offer counselling and individual psychotherapy.

The offer is addressed to adults who:

  • experience discomfort associated with anxieties, lowered mood or level of energy to act
  • experience too much suffering
  • can’t deal with emotions
  • experience excessive stress
  • want to cope with a difficult situation
  • suffer from low self-esteem
  • have difficulties in relationships with other people
  • feel lost in their lives
  • search for meaning of one’s life
  • are in a crisis concerning personal or professional life
  • cannot cope with traumatic experiences



Consultation is a first meeting with a psychotherapist.

Its aim is to get to know what is the nature of a problem and to discuss what would be the best form of help. A consultation may result in a common decision to start a psychotherapeutic process.


Couselling is a form of psychological help that focuses on a concrete problem or a crisis situation.

Its aim is problem solution or getting out of a crisis.

Counselling usually lasts from several to 10 sessions.

Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is a dialog between a client and a psychotherapist. The content of the talk is always this what is important for the client.

A psychotherapist is an ally of a client and has an attitude of care and willingness to help the client deal with his/her problems and suffering.

Individual psychotherapy is a contract between a client and a psychotherapist, which focuses on the realization of the client’s goals that were set during a consultation.

Individual psychotherapy is a process in which a client becomes more conscious of his/her way of functioning in the contact with other people and oneself.

Individual psychotherapy enables to experience important things and to reach the emotions that were not experienced before. As a result the client may be able to regain comfort in life.

Individual psychotherapy helps a client to understand how the past experiences affect his/her current way of functioning and how do they disturb him/her, causing discomfort and suffering.

Individual psychotherapy helps a client to order inner experiences in such a way that would enable him/her to feel more personal integrity, harmony and fulfillment.

Individual psychotherapy lasts from a few months to several years. Sessions usually take place once a week.


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Psychotherapist working in English


Psychologist, psychotherapist

A graduate of Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities in 2 faculties: clinical psychology and social psychology in English (studies lead in English); finished a 6-year psychotherapeutic training in Existential Analysis; accomplished additional courses concerning couple and family psychotherapy. Currently, in a certification process, preparing to get the psychotherapeutic certificate of International Society of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (GLE – International).

She has been working in the field of psychological help since 2005, while since 2010 as an individual psychotherapist.

Her work is based on the existential approach, which sees a person as essentially free and aims at helping the individual to live with inner consent, in concordance with one’s values and to find a responsible way of dealing with oneself and challenges coming from the world. The psychotherapeutic relationship is based on dialogical exchange.

She works with adults.

Contact to the psychotherapist: 788 842 716


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About me



Psychologist, psychotherapist

A graduate of University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. He accomplished a 4 year psychotherapeutic training in INTRA Psychology and Education Centre ( approved by Polish Psychological Association ). He has also finished a 1 year Course of Psychological Workshop and Training.

He has 10 years of experience in a field of psychological help and counselling. He has been working with individuals, pairs and groups. In his work he combines Carl Rogers’s approach and Emotion-focused Therapy (EFT).

He works with adults and adolescents who deal with: depression, anxiety, life crisis.

Contact to the psychotherapist:  507 979 111