Individual psychotherapy is a dialog between a client and a psychotherapist. The content of the talk is always this what is important for the client.

A psychotherapist is an ally of a client and has an attitude of care and willingness to help the client deal with his/her problems and suffering.

Individual psychotherapy is a contract between a client and a psychotherapist, which focuses on the realization of the client’s goals that were set during a consultation.

Individual psychotherapy is a process in which a client becomes more conscious of his/her way of functioning in the contact with other people and oneself.

Individual psychotherapy enables to experience important things and to reach the emotions that were not experienced before. As a result the client may be able to regain comfort in life.

Individual psychotherapy helps a client to understand how the past experiences affect his/her current way of functioning and how do they disturb him/her, causing discomfort and suffering.

Individual psychotherapy helps a client to order inner experiences in such a way that would enable him/her to feel more personal integrity, harmony and fulfillment.

Individual psychotherapy lasts from a few months to several years. Sessions usually take place once a week.


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