Psychotherapy is a form of psychological help (provided by a psychotherapist) that refers to the psychotherapeutic aims of a particular client. Psychotherapy is an authentic dialog between the client and the psychotherapist. In its center there is always the client and things that are important for him/her.

Psychotherapy helps the person to become more conscious of oneself and thanks to this it provides help in searching for and creating such a way of living and having contact with oneself, other people and the world that would be best for this particular individual.

Psychotherapy can last from a few months (short-term psychotherapy) to several years (long-term psychotherapy), depending on the problem and discussed aims of the psychotherapy.

In English we offer counselling and individual psychotherapy.

The offer is addressed to adults who:

  • experience discomfort associated with anxieties, lowered mood or level of energy to act
  • experience too much suffering
  • can’t deal with emotions
  • experience excessive stress
  • want to cope with a difficult situation
  • suffer from low self-esteem
  • have difficulties in relationships with other people
  • feel lost in their lives
  • search for meaning of one’s life
  • are in a crisis concerning personal or professional life
  • cannot cope with traumatic experiences
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